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Buying a home or rental property?

Buying a home is an investment

Buying process
For me the first step is to help you build your financial situation
We will assess according to your financial situation up to how much you can purchase 
The type of property is right for you and your family needs 
  •  We will look at your credit score 
  • Down payment 
  • Find the best interest rate in the market 
  • Pre-Approval 

Find all the resources you need to make an informed decision

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Find out how much you can afford before browsing the listings. And determine how much do you need to purchase your new  home or rental property.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payment and see your amortization schedule.

Buyer's checklist

Download the buyer’s checklist. Everything you need to keep track when you are buying a new house or a rental property.


The first step when buying a new house or a rental property is to fill the application.

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